Transform your old-school email server
into solution for business
Mailburn adds business features to email, integrates it with SaaS services
that you use, and gives you beautiful REST API instead of IMAP.

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Made for business
Mailburn enhances your existing email server with business features like advanced email categorization, email tracking, and conversation encryption.
All tools in one place
Seamlessly connects to your existing ERP or SaaS systems. Comment on tasks in Trello or reassign leads in Salesforce without leaving email.
You don't need to replace Gmail or Outlook/Exchange - Mailburn works on top of them. And with our elegant API you can build any app you want in minutes, not months.
Packed with powerful features
For IT guys
  • REST API instead of crude email protocols
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands mailboxes
  • Sync mailboxes from any IMAP account
  • Move and manage folders and labels
  • Send and receive mail
  • Instant new email notifications
  • Sync Google contacts
  • UTF-8 and JSON responses
  • Real-time search with autocomplete and suggestions (soon)
  • Google and MS Calendar integration (soon)
  • Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive (soon)
  • Encryption of all email correspondence (soon)

For Business guys
  • Email categorization based on context and content
  • Integration with SaaS and ERP systems for quick actions
  • Filter and hide excessive data from emails, like multiple signatures and quotes
  • Built-in email tracking support
  • Unsubscribe from marketing emails in one click
  • Text analysis and parsing for task and meeting requests recognition (soon)
  • Prediction of personality profiles of every person you email with (soon)
  • Enriched contact cards with online/offline status and social profiles (soon)
  • Email dashboard, account statistics and reports (soon)
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Works on top of your existing email server
1,000+ professionals trust Mailburn with their most intimate thing — an email account.
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