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into powerful business tool

Mailburn frees up to 30 minutes of email time, every day. Simply do the math!

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Just type your contacts
Avoid repetitive tasks
Mailburn automates most email management activities, for example, setting up reminders, following up on tasks and scheduling meetings.
All tools in one place
Seamlessly connects to your existing ERP or SaaS systems. Approve expenditure requests or comment on sales deals without leaving email.
Our system can be easily customized for any company with our web admin interface, including per-user or per-group permissions.
Best tools work together with other tools
Сonnect your existing ERP or SaaS systems for quick actions. Approve expenditure requests, comment on sales deals, or close support tickets without leaving email.
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With Zero Learning Curve
Works on top of existing Outlook or Gmail installation

Forget about routine and repetitive actions that sucked your time every day

Mailburn is smart and will automate most of the things you do or sometimes forget to do ;) This helps you be more productive and reliable.
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1,000+ professionals trust Mailburn with their most intimate thing — an email account.
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