Mailburn Features
Our goal is to make email very friendly for both users and developers. This is why we transformed email into an elegant solution for business. You can use Mailburn email clients or use our API to build your own in a matter of minutes, not months.
Clean APIs for Email, Calendar, and Contacts
Forget about crude IMAP or SMTP protocols, they are relics of the past. Every feature below is wrapped in RESTful API that gives you JSON responses with UTF-8 support.

We think it's awesome, don't you agree?

Email Categorization

Mailburn is smart and understands how people process their emails. Based on our weighted algorithms, we will tell you whether a certain email is a conversation with another person, a promotion email, or a notification from JIRA. This information can be then used to build a custom user experience most suitable for this email category.
Mailburn automations
Integrations with SaaS
Best tools work together with other tools. Сonnect your existing SaaS systems for quick actions. Comment on tasks in Trello, reassign leads in Salesforce, or manage sick leave requests without leaving email.
Email integration cards
And we have more :)
Sync data with ease
Mailburn will automatically perform initial and periodic syncs for mailboxes, contacts and calendars for you.
Manage everything
You can not only send and receive emails, but also move and manage labels, folders, and search for emails. Moreover, you will get instant notifications when new email arrives.
Scale to eternity
Our cloud infrastructure allows us to support hundreds of thousands of active mailboxes at any time. Believe us, we can handle your load.
Text processing
Mailburn can clean email body and remove excessive data like multiple signatures and quotes. Because email body should be as light as possible.
Email tracking
Every email sent through Mailburn is tracked. You can get info about who, when, where and on what device has opened the message.
Unsubscribe in 1 click
Block pesky newsletters or annoying senders that steal your attention all the time. Yes, in just 1 click.
Coming soon
  • Real-time search with autocomplete and suggestions
  • Integration with calendars to support instant RSVP
  • Attachments integration with Dropbox and Google Drive
  • End-to-end email encryption
  • Advanced text processing that will recognize tasks and meeting request in email body
  • Personality profiles with communication advices based on your previous emails with the person
  • Enriched contact cards with online/offline status and social profiles
  • Email dashboard, account statistics and reports
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